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​Our investigation process begins with client/witness interviews, location history information, and the investigation itself.  We do ask that when we do an investigation, that there are as few people present as possible to avoid contamination of any evidence collected as well as for the protection of our investigators.  

EVP (electronic voice phenomena) audio recordings, photos, and any video evidence maybe made available to the public via lecture presentations, meetings, educational settings, etc. when permission as been granted.  We will never disclose the identity or location of our private clients.   We do NOT use Ouija boards  or practice the occult.  We use specialized equipment made specifically for this field of study and research to try to help find out what it is that you are experiencing in your location and try to alleviate any fear you may have.

The normal course of the investigation process is as follows:

​1.  Client Contact
Clients contact us via email, phone, online Investigation Request Form, or through the TAPS Family site.  Once the request is received, a Preliminary Form is sent to the client to complete in its entirety.  This form is mandatory before any investigation can be considered.  Once received, the client will be contacted and if the case is approved, the investigation process will begin.  Photos of the location are requested as they help provide some idea of the size of the location as well as help determine the best equipment that would be needed.  It will also help determine how many of our investigators would be needed for the investigation.  A walk-through of the location may be necessary, making note of all the areas where activity has been experienced including any traumatic events that may have taken place in that location.  We will ask you for the location of your circuit breaker (or fuse box) and if there are any other electrical or medical devices being used.

2.  Equipment
The equipment we bring depends on the size and location of the area being investigated.  When we use the full scale DVR/infrared recording system, then the equipment is generally set up in one central command station.  Many times we choose to use individual infrared cameras/full spectrum cameras, and multiple camcorders connected to highly sensitive audio devices that will be placed in various locations focusing on areas where activity has been noted.  Use of these cameras provides an expanded range, portability, and recording capacity so we can focus on particular areas in finer detail throughout the investigation.

3.  Investigation
Throughout the course of the investigation, we will use various types of equipment to measure temperature fluctuations, static, electromagnetic fields, audio/EVP work using specialized frequency recorders, as well as other specialized equipment made specifically for researching paranormal activity.  The time spent at each location varies greatly from case to case due to multiple factors which include, but are not limited to, the amount of activity taking place during the actual investigation, outside noise contamination (heavy traffic, parties, construction, etc.) time constraints on the owner, bedtime of young children, etc.  Most of the time, our investigations have an approximate length of 3 to 5+ hours.  Depending on the case, size of the location, and any evidence found (or lack of) a second and third investigation may be necessary to confirm and see if we can recreate what we initially captured.

4.  Review Process
After each investigation, the review process begins.  Depending on the amount of audio and video recorded during the investigation, it may take several weeks for the review process to be completed.  The reason for this is because when each audio/video file is reviewed, it is often rewound/played back several times in certain areas of the tape when there is a possibility of something being captured.  This is especially true in the case of audio recordings.  Each hour of audio recordings can sometimes take a good three hours to review.    We will contact you once the review process is completed.

5. Post Investigation Report
Once the review process of all the data collected is complete, we will complete the case and review with the client any evidence that may have been captured.  If a case is extensive and activity is captured that we feel might be out of our realm, we will refer to specialists in our field who have the highest level of experience in their field of study to help offer the best possible outcome.

Gotham Paranormal Research Society reserves the right to refuse to conduct any investigation or return to a location if we feel our presence is not warranted and/or there is any question pertaining to health and safety to our investigators or to the client.   

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